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Teaching Virtues:
Building Character Across the Curriculum

This highly acclaimed book presents a way to teach virtues across the curriculum,
based on the wisdom in American Indian approaches to teaching and learning.

"This splendid book brings to education one of the most neglected and abused resources of our continent: the deep knowing of American Indian people. This is precisely what we need to revitalize our educational systems. Everyone who reads this book with an open heart and mind will emerge wise and stronger."

Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach


Primal Awareness

A True Story of Survival, Transformation, and
Awakening with the Raramuri Shamans of Mexico

Editorial Reviews Talking Leaves,1998

Reading this book is like looking closely at the weave of an intricately designed blanket.
. . . This fascinating, inspiring book harbors a wealth of information on the
interconnectedness of all beings--an awareness that is accessible to all of us as integral parts of the whole.

A compelling spiritual and true adventure quest. Highly acclaimed by Dan Millman, Sam Keen and others.


The Bum's Rush:The Selling of Environmental Backlash

Phrases and Fallacies of Rush Limbaugh

In an entertaining and educational way this book teaches critical thinking and unmasks methods of persuasion. It is used in critical thinking, persuasive language,and writing classes by many universities.

Published by Legendary Publishing .1-520-523-0421or order online Amazon

Happy Exercise: An Adventure into the World of Fitness for Children

First children's book to teach kids not to believe fallacies of TV commercials and to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.(Anderson World ,1971)

Coloring book 1-928-523-0421 or

Patient Communication for First Responders and EMS Personnel

The first book to show the effect of healing suggestions during the first hour of trauma. These suggestions can be used to enable the patient to use their own healing potential to stabilized such autonomic nervous system functions as bleeding and blood pressure. This approach is endorsed by such notables as Norman Cousins. Soon to be republished in 2002

(Published Prentice Hall,1988) 1-800-282-0693.
Training video 1-818-242-1159

Ride & Tie: The Challenge of Running and Riding

The book that introduced this equestrian sport to the world. Training tips for horse and rider on this challenging sport. (Runner's World ) Available through Ride and Tie Assoc.

Getting Your Executive Fit

The first book on employee fitness programs. MacMillan, 1978)

Physical Fitness and Public Safety

The first book on fitness standards for firefighters, which resulted in nation standards

1,2,& 3 editions published by National Fire Protection Agency (1976)

In Addition :

Guest chapters in two other forthcoming books:

Caring for Life, edited by by Eisley and Miller and

School as Enforcement, edited by David Gabbard