Four Arrows

(Wahinkpe Topa)

aka.....Don Trent Jacobs Ph.D., Ed.D.


Indigenizing Education

Primal Awareness

Countering Educational Hegemony

Teaching Truly Curriculum

Critical Neurophilosophy

Learning Fearlessness


Check out the publications of Four Arrows to see why AERO selected him as one of the visionary educators of our time. Especially have a look at his newest book, Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education, to see why so many distinguished educators agree with C.A. Bowers who writes, "This book must be taken seriously"

C.A. Bowers


Praise for Teaching Truly

"A remarkable, nerve-touching book..." John Pilger

"Penetrating, fearless and practical..."Thom Hartmann

"Enlightening ...we must pay careful attention...or we are doomed." Noam Chomsky

"This handbook for teachers is a vibrant and essential text..." William Ayers

"This book is an opportunity and a gift to our children and the future." Nancy Turner Banks

"Educators should be paying attention to what Four Arrows offers.." Bill McKibben

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